I Visit U Personal Concierge Service, Bendigo
I Visit U Personal Concierge Service, Bendigo

I Visit U 
Personal Concierge Service

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Thank You for Visiting I Visit U Personal Concierge Service!

Many people are time poor, especially business owners. Reclaim your work-life balance by accessing I Visit U Personal Concierge & Lifestyle Manager services. Give me your to do list and consider it done! 

Use your new found freedom to do the things you love with the people you work so hard for.

Many children worry about their ageing parentsThis worry is compounded when their loved ones are not living in the same location or their work/family commitments prevent them from supporting them as much as they would like to.

Don't let distance or a hectic lifestyle impede your ability to support your elderly loved ones. 

 I Visit U Personal Concierge Service help provide the necessary support your loved ones need, thereby:

  •      Alleviating your concern, anxiety and worry along with your parent's.
  •      Providing you with the comfort of knowing your elderly loved ones are receiving 
the care and attention they need.
  •      Giving you peace of mind knowing you can provide the care they need, particularly if they are living alone. This service helps keep the elderly in their own home and living independently for longer.

I Visit U services extend way beyond elderly family members though! 

All in the community, young or old, businesses, families, new residents, the elderly & disabled, hospital patients and visitors are welcome to access I Visit U services, some of which are Aged Care, Lifestyle Manager, Home Help, Pet Care, Visiting Service, Odd Jobs.

I Visit U is now serving NDIS participants.

I Visit U Personal Concierge Service, Bendigo Victoria is focused on providing

 quality support and customer satisfaction.  

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our homepage & website. 

There's much more to come!


With Gratitude, I Visit U would like to thank 

the Businesses of Bendigo and the many individuals who have made this website possible.

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