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I have known Ellen Hill for many years along with her husband and consider her a good friend.

In spending time with her I have come to know her as an extremely honest person who has a sincere interest in people and very caring to those in need.

With any of her endeavours in life, she most certainly gives it 100% and does her very best to succeed without it being to the detriment of those around her.

I have seen first hand Ellen dealing with older ones in the community and have been impressed with the care that she has sincerely dealt with these ones.

I am confident that Ellen is the right person to share in this line of work because she is honest, caring and diligent.

Leigh Hauke - P.L. and A.J. Hauke Pty Ltd

I have known Ellen for many years. 

Ellen is an honest and caring person, especially with older ones and children. Ellen always has people's interest at heart.

Lorna Rogers - Friend

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