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I Have Found Ellen to have most Trustworthy, Kind, Generous soul. 

She is a Person, of very few, I would Trust with a Key to my home and Allow to work unsupervised. 

She's worked for myself and my partner for 2 years now,

I wouldn't trust another person to do the things she does for us. 

Shopping, Cooking, Gardening 

She has the use of my credit card and Helps me make my shopping lists, to no end.

I can email her with recipes I have found and we work together to achieve a Healthy change to a new diet and Needs. 

I would NOT trust to many with the run of my home and Credit card. 

I would Trust her with my Life.

Lian - NDIS Participant

I just wanted to say thanks for all your support and effort towards helping me to achieve my goals. 

Since you have been helping me with household support over the last 3 months, I have seen my new garden plan develop & begin to be realised. 

I didn't just want another mower man to mow every week. I wanted someone to help me grow an organic produce garden. 

Thank you so much.  

I really appreciate your willingness to go with my ideas, never hesitating to get on the "tools" to help build a garden bed or repair my fence and also setting up & maintaining my two compost bins. My lawn is making a resurgence. My chickens and guinea pigs are much happier and I have really appreciated being able to discuss and research my plans for laying out the beds and companion planting. 

Ellen, you have made a big difference to my quality of life and every day I look with pride at my garden and how well it is growing. 

Best household support ever!

Thanks again!

Helen - NDIS Participant

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