I Visit U Personal Concierge Service, Bendigo
I Visit U Personal Concierge Service, Bendigo

I Visit U 
Personal Concierge Service

Personal Concierge

Lifestyle Manager

NDIS Provider

ABOUT I Visit U Personal Concierge Service,
Bendigo Victoria

About I Visit U

Hi there!  My name is Ellen Hill. I am the Owner, Operator of I Visit U Personal Concierge Service. Let me tell you a little about I Visit U, Bendigo Victoria. 

SUPPORT! SUPPORT! SUPPORT is what I Visit U Personal Concierge Service is all about!
I Visit U Personal Concierge Service visit, support and assist clients in the Bendigo Community. I Visit U support businesses, time poor individuals, families and the elderly in need of a Personal Concierge or Lifestyle Manager. 

Imagine ...all that precious time is now freed up! This, along with Peace of Mind knowing all those tasks are as good as done!  I Visit U Personal Concierge and Lifestyle Manager Services turn your dream into reality!

I imagine a little boy beaming with pride as his dad stands on the sideline, cheering him on.  
I think of mum spending a day in the school canteen and her little girl is telling everyone.
Maybe my services will not make these things happen for you personally, but then again, maybe they will;-)

I love the idea of an elderly parent settling into their bed at night, knowing that their grown up child, although busy or many miles away, has got their back. 

With these thoughts in mind, and the mindset that there is no better way to earn an income than to help someone in need, I Visit U Personal Concierge and Lifestyle Manager Services was created.

About Myself

I have a lifetime of experience with assisting the elderly. It began with my grandmother. As a little girl I would spend every available opportunity I had to sit with, talk to, question and listen to grandma. I would “help” grandma with her medication, and had much delight in hearing what every tablet was for. I would brush grandma’s hair and do anything I could to help her. I just LOVED my grandmother so much!

These precious moments had such a profound effect on me and have set off a lifetime of supporting the elderly in any way I could. 

After grandma passed away I started voluntary work in an aged care facility during my secondary school years. Since then I have always been assisting an elderly person in one way or another.

The one thing I have learned while visiting the elderly is that they need, crave, companionship. They, like all of us, need someone to talk to someone who is interested in them personally.

This awareness, along with the desire to return to the workforce, impels me to provide a service where the need for a visitor can be met.

I Visit U serves all sectors of the community - businesses, families, the time poor, hospital patients and their families, new residents, visitors in the region and of course, the elderly.

Accessing I Visit U Services

You may contact I Visit U
  • Through the contact page
  • Call or SMS 0431 003 450
  • Social Media
  • A Business Directory
  • Through the NDIS

About I Visit U Personal Concierge Service, Bendigo Victoria. 

Why I Visit U?

I Visit U believe that from the cradle to the grave, our greatest need is love and respect makes love possible.

I Visit U promise to treat your elderly parent or family member with love & respect at all times. Ellen will treat your loved ones as if they are her own.

As a Business or time poor Client, you will come to appreciate Ellen's wealth of experience in everyday practical matters and her strengths:

  • Thorough 
  • Organised
  • Meticulous Attention to Detail
  • Honest
  • Trustworthy
  • Reliable

Ellen is trained in first aid, food handling safety & hygiene, has a current police & working with children check. I Visit U Personal Concierge Service is a Registered NDIS Provider and is insured.

I Visit U Mission Statement:

I Visit U Personal Concierge Service will not only provide the support time poor individuals need in order to spend more time on the things that matter most. We will also assist adults, who are concerned about their ageing parent or disabled loved one, by providing a visiting service where practical, support is rendered, in a loving, compassionate and caring manner, thereby replacing anxiety and concern with peace of mind, a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction while meeting the needs of their loved ones.

I Visit U Vision:

Provide a Personal Concierge & Lifestyle Manager Service whereby:

  • Time poor individuals will have more time for doing the things they love with the people they love.
  • Grown up Children no longer have that nagging anxiety and worry about their ageing parent.
  • Elderly Parent's receive the practical support they need and go to bed feeling loved.

I Visit U Goals:

  • Help fill the vital need for personalised support & assistance within the Bendigo Business and Residential Community.
  • Support hard working adults to care for their loved ones by providing assistance that      meets the individual needs of both.
  • Alleviate anxious concern grown up children have about the welfare of their elderly loved ones and ensure their needs are met.
  • Break the monotony of a persons long, lonely day with conversation, mental stimulation, laughter and smiles.
  • Give clients the opportunity to talk and to      share their years of knowledge, their experience.
  • Give clients an occassion to look                forward to on a weekly, fortnightly                  or monthly basis.
I Visit U Personal Concierge Service, Bendigo, www.ivisitu.com.au